End of my Rope – This Week in Housing

February 10, 2011 § 3 Comments

On Tuesday, I decided I was going to cancel the contract.

I looked at another house in the neighborhood, and while it wasn’t right, it was also not awful.  It was renovated, but they exposed the brick in a really cool way. One of the rooms was t-I-n-y (the size of a twin bed tiny) so I could never have anyone actually live in it, but the other two rooms were a great size.

Also, remember the house with the kittens in the summer? The same guy who renovated that house also renovated this one. And this house was much more well done. Still lacking most of the personality that I’m looking for, but better.  Better is the theme here, I’d say.

I’m supposed to go see a gut renovation on Saturday – 3 family thats two avenues from the JMZ at Myrtle/Broadway. Again, probably not counting on it being a winner, but I’m looking. And getting closer and closer to finding something else.

This was Tuesday.

On Wednesday, I called my attorney and told her I wanted to cancel the contract. I rambled on a bit about how I would give them until Friday but that I highly doubted  they would have it by Friday and she agreed. She said she was going to call the estate attorney right away to tell them I’m ready to rescind. It will be two months on Monday since that last court date.

This was Wednesday.

On Thursday, I’m in a meeting when my attorney calls. She leaves a message that says she spoke to the estate attorney, who says he just reviewed the file with the court yesterday and “all they need” is the death dates of some of the relatives. He’s already reached out to his client for it and is waiting to hear back. He says the court will sign the letters immediately as soon as they get that information.

I called my attorney back as soon as I got the message and told her to call me back.

I’m giving them until Monday.  And that’s it.

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