Here we go again

April 19, 2011 § 1 Comment

So since the deal fell through I may as well end my silly superstition that writing about it would jinx it somehow. Maybe not writing about it jinxed it. Maybe it was going to be jinxed either way.

In any case, my realtor and I met a few Saturdays ago to see a few houses. After a disappointing house with an uncooperative family member slash tenant that was a slight bit too far from a train and had a slight bit too much “potential” than I was willing to realize, my realtor asked me to look up an address.

That’s perfect! I said. It’s even closer to the train than I am now!

Then he told me the story. He knows the investor who bought it and the investor is on the verge of flipping it. He told the investor to wait wait wait, he knows someone who would be willing to buy it if it was renovated.

You want to go look at it? He asks.

He must have known I would say yes because he started driving before I gave a verbal affirmative.

We get to the house and the windows are boarded up and the door is locked by a chain and padlock. He warns me that the house is pretty much toe-up (though probably in a more eloquent way) and we can only really see the first two floors because the roof is caved in.

It’s perfect! I can imagine what it looks like when someone finally takes a sledgehammer to the walls and changes the layout in a way that is actually modern and sensible.

I want this house, I say when we lock it back it. I want it. Get it for me.

Okay, my realtor says. He chuckles a bit. Let me talk to the investor and find out what he wants to do with it.

I immediately call my boyfriend even though I know he is in the middle of a class. I leave a long message. Then I call my mom and have a very excited conversation about the true potential of this house.

Then a few days pass.

Then a few more days.

Then I get the final call – the investor is selling it for cash to a group of people who are going to turn it into a boarding house for people struggling to get on their feet.

Well gosh. Can I really be mad about that?

So I’m not. Tomorrow, I’m going to look at another set of houses. We will see if any of them warrant an excited phone call of sorts.

Wish me luck. Or something.

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